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Meet Robert Zakian, Intuitive

Robert Zakian, Transpersonal Intuitive - Aligning With Soul

Robert has over 20 years of experience as an Intuitive helping individuals discover truth, love, and wisdom. By releasing false concepts and habits you will attain the core of who you are.  He encompasses the spirituality of India and the psychology of the west helping individuals become empowered.  Robert has studied and implemented the teachings of Meher Baba of India, and two shamans.  He graduated from the Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and received a Certificate in counseling from UCLA.

I work with Individuals, Couples, and Groups

Meet your personal spirit guide, who has the ability to help you on your journey to happiness and fulfillment.

Release negative patterns that keep you from self-love, truth, and wisdom. Discover how to be detached from outcomes.

Recognize and release the underlying causes of conflict and feelings of worry, anxiety, and anger.


Approach & Values

What is most important is helping individuals rediscover they are love, truth, and wise (they are worth it) by not going outside of themselves for the reflection of who they are but going inward.

Firstly, when it comes to my approach, I do not judge one’s journey.  Secondly, I merge with my client’s energy through love and truth.  Thirdly, I help my clients find their purpose by releasing that which keeps them from their true nature.

Education & Experience

  • 20+ Years of Transpersonal Intuitive Readings
  • Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in Seattle, WA
  • Certificate in Counseling from the University of California, LA
  • Studied the teachings of Meher Baba of India
  • Served as a Mentee for 2 Shamans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intuitive?

An evolved Intuitive has the ability to connect with your energy to personally remove subconscious blockages and help you on your journey of self discovery.

What is the Difference Between a psychic And an Intuitive?

Many psychics can discern negative hindrances keeping one from happiness but would have difficulty helping one maintain that feeling. The main difference between us “I help people personally get the information versus someone telling them.”

Another way of stating this, instead of my client getting information outside themselves they get it within.

What Conditions or Aspects Can You Help Treat or “Fine Tune”?

Self-confidence, spiritual perspective, and higher nature to name a few.

I look to see why my client is holding onto a negative feeling. Then, what is the positive intention of holding onto that feeling? Lastly, I help to remove those feelings.

Why Should You Work With Me?

I do not judge one’s journey.  Secondly, I merge with my client’s energy through love.  Thirdly, I help my clients move closer to self-love, truth, and wisdom by connecting with their Higher Selves (true nature).

In The Media – Testimonials

When I first met Robert, he said that our energy lead us to one another. I mean, what a profound opening statement! From getting to know Robert to be immersed in an intuitive reading, I was always left in awe of his intuition, insights, and overall presence. I now feel a stronger conviction about my identity, purpose, and gifts to the world

Carlos M.

You are amazing! The best direction I have ever gotten in a long time. A session with Robert is uplifting and insightful. His ability to bring in soul information and guidance flows effortlessly into an understanding of why we are experiencing areas of difficulty, along with a practical plan of action

Neilla S.

Robert has a knack for receptive intuitive insight into the interior psyche of his clients. He is able to clearly articulate the tone and tenor of hidden issues. He is a resource that I have learned to completely trust.

Lance B.

Robert’s healing methods are helping me after my subconscious negative messages about myself. It’s as though my psyche has become a different person. I love myself and respect my own boundaries much more than I ever have before in my life.

Elaine K.

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