Release We are amid greed, fear, disharmony, and environmental upheaval.  Many are holding onto various aspects of emotional suffering brought on by life’s lessons. To release suffering, forgive yourself, and let go, you no longer have to partake in life’s drama. Everything that … Continue ReadingRelease

Step Out of The Box

It seems many people have a difficult time letting go of not being worthy of happiness, goodness, finding love with another.   This takes in relationships, work, friends, God, etc.  When you were born you were empathic, intuitive, curious, and playful.  Do to life’s lessons there became a need to be accepted, … Continue ReadingStep Out of The Box

Spirit Guides

In my last email I mentioned  a Crow showing up or soon after a  Native American Sweat.  Following such a profound experience Crows would follow me, especially walking Green Lake in Seattle, WA.  During those splendid times, I would have have wonderful  interactions via both verbal and otherwise.  The Crow … Continue ReadingSpirit Guides