Dragon Slayer

  A dragon named Sugar and Spice ruled the village women for many years. The women had to help others before tending to their necessities. If they didn’t follow his demands, regardless of how they truly felt, there would be consequences. Finally, an excellent female … Continue ReadingDragon Slayer

Do Observer

A powerful way to begin obtaining self-love and trust in Spirit is paying attention to any reoccurring energy you draw to yourself. For example, I had a client who stated people keep telling me I am loving.  “I asked why do you think people say … Continue ReadingDo Observer


Once you know, at the core, you are a good person, the next step on your journey is detachment from outcomes.  This can be difficult, i.e., wanting to be liked, affirmed, and accepted, your identity as a provider, protector, or controller. It becomes important to … Continue ReadingAttachments