Crows And Spirit Guides



After participating in a Native American Sweat, a Crow emerged as my “Spirit Guide.” I asked the Crow what it was here to teach me. “I am here to turn your heart inside out.” Following such a profound experience, Crows would follow me in the Seattle area. During those important times, they would teach me how to release the false self.

     One day as I was leaving my apartment, I saw many Crows cawing on a telephone line. Right after, I heard a loud pop. A Crow had fallen off the line and died. Right after, the other Crows started making loud cawing noises. A neighbor was about to shovel it into the garbage; before he could put the fallen Crow in the trash, I mentioned I would bury it. As soon as I did, the cawing stopped immediately because the deceased Crow was shown respect.

    Soon afterward, my companion Meher Baba of India told me to participate in psychic fairs and offer spirit guide workshops. I would communicate with numerous guides during this period, i.e., Native Americans, spirit animals, light beings, human forms, and many others.

    I fondly remember participating in a psychic fair in Missoula, MT, where people would come to ask about their guides. A woman’s guide came forth shaped like an egg with suspenders; her guide was on top of a wall, gently moving back and forth without falling. The spirit guide taught her to be playful and balance her life. I also remember presenting a spirit guide workshop where both mother and daughter received the same guide preparing them how to reconnect.

    The key to obtaining your personal spirit guide is having your thoughts less active by learning self-relaxing techniques. When thoughts become less active, you energetically align with your guide’s energy; a novice needs a professionally trained individual to help with the transition. Most guides inhabit the Astral World (non-physical domain) or one of the other planes of existence. Guides do not judge. They only wish to help you on your journey of self-discovery


Author: Robert Zakian

I have been follower of Meher Baba since 1970 and have traveled to India to visit his disciples. I have also studied with Shaman of the Native American tradition and a wondrous empath. Also received a certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy and a couneling certification from U..C.L.A. Since 1999 I have provided Intuitive sessions and taught workshops on personally Meeting Your Spirit guide, Conflict Resolution, Men, Women and Relationships.

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