Letting go can be both easy and difficult.  The easy part is to let go (forgive ones self) for whatever he or she is holding on too.   If the same negative feeling keeps coming up, forgive yourself  each time for that feeing.  Even if you remember the feeling in the moment, later that day or week, forgive yourself.  Eventually you will be able to catch the feeling before it has its fruition.

  I remember my father always calling me stupid, hence as I got older I would attract situations where I never felt enough.   When I use to put myself down, I would simply ask myself if that was true and then simply negate that thought.  It took practice but I got there even if I did not remember the thought in the moment.  In my time shifting to positive energy was not as prevalent as it is today.  Today, there is a dispensation of LOVE energy readily available for those who have the courage to seek its beauty.🌷

 One may ask “I am not sure what I am holding on to.” If that is the case, the individual needs to be aware of their feelings in uncomfortable or difficult situations.  Simply check in and ask yourself, “what am I feeling?”  For example, if one is shy thereby holding back their power of expression that would be an indication of what needs to be healed.  Once the person has an understanding of why they’re shy, they then can let go!  It always comes back to the inner child.  He or she can shift the negative feelings/thoughts so the heart can open and heal.  The adult needs to let their inner child  know it no longer needs worry about the adult self. 

It is an easy task to shift the energy without having to go to a therapist and relive past  trauma.  The child who came from God was loving, intuitive, curious and much more.  When adults project their fears onto the child it becomes an emotional cancer.  It starts to grow and become part of the teen or adult self.   That teen or adult  self will begin to attract over and over again the adults (often a parent) fears that it took on as a child. The adult self needs to give permission to his or her inner child not to worry any longer about the adult self. Its a paradox. You have two parts, the inner child who loves you and the other part that is encompassing the adults fears. 

 I had a client who was holding on to guilt.  Most people do not know why they hold onto a negative or uncomplimentary emotion, however this person knew.  He said, “so I won’t do it again.”  He has not energetically healed the guilt, hence there will be a part of him that shuts down.  He will attract situations that continue to tell him he’s not enough. On a deeper level when an individual holds onto a negative emotion It keeps them safe because it is familiar. It takes courage to find who you really are. It is done by healing and letting go.

 I have had many clients who have held onto negative emotions for a long time, some in there mid or late ages of life.  When I ask “what it has done for you ” they will say nothing.  After that statement, I will ask if they would like to let go of that feeling and all will say yes.  It is time, for those who have the courage to shift the energy to know they are worth it.  As individuals to do so, they will begin to attract situations confirming they are love and goodness.  Go for it, what do you have to lose? 

Lovingly, ❤️ 


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