What a journey to discover who we are.  So, I put some words and meanings together.  As I wrote in my last article there are women who have predominantly male energy and men who have more female energy.  This has nothing to do with sexual or physical preferences. I am only addressing male energy.  Below, I have shared some thoughts attributed to male energy.

Men = ?😳

Control = I’m in charge, no one can know me except on my terms.
Liked or accepted = I need to fit in.
Affirmed = Am I enough?
Protector of women (female energy) = Isn’t that my job?
Employed = If I am not working then I am a loser, I do not respect myself.
Married = I am still independent.
Trust = If not myself, who?
Passive aggressive = I didn’t get my way, I’m angry.

I remember a time when my boss had thought I had given the wrong medication during a time when the powers to be were going over the books.  With a strong and powerful voice, she said, “I can’t stand when someone messes up medications.”  Well, instead of being hurt or upset, I learned, at that instant,  “I am more than my job,” hence men are more than their job. 

Yes, men have a difficult time moving through the male agenda taught from time immortal.   To understand who a man is, they have to take the time to think or feel . Another story…….When communicating with Meher Baba of India, he gave me an order to tell the sales manager, that I didn’t like those  jokes around me any longer. Those jokes were gay bashing, women, and Polish jokes.  Well, I didn’t get fired.  Many men will stay in uncomfortable situations to be accepted, liked, or affirmed.  Meher Baba was peeling away my false identity. 

When men need to protect their spouse or female friends, they do not let them come to their own decisions when situations warrant it.  Yes, it can be difficult for the male protector not to step in and help.  All men need to do is be quiet and just listen.  Only give advice when asked, now that can be a new concept for guys.  🤔 
Many men will not let people into their heart for fear of being hurt or controlled.  It takes courage to let someone in, especially if one has had a difficult childhood.  Control is the opposite of trust.  If one can not trust in ones self or others, the heart will be closed.  The meaning here, has to do with allowing oneself to be vulnerable.  As long as men need to control situations, they will attract someone pushing against their need to control.  For that matter, anything one is emotionally hiding from, that person  also will attract situations for him to confront.

A question may arise, how can a man begin to trust himself, life, and the Divine.  For most of us, we can not do it on the spur of the moment.  We need to go into “our cave” and think it out.  When in the cave it’s important to be honest and go over the situation.  Do not blame the other person or situation you played a part in.  It’s important for men to know this.  That being said, there are no victims.  Letting go is the same as forgiveness.  If and when one forgives one can not be a victim of the mind.  So, every time stuff shows up, forgive yourself, LETGO!! Doing so would begin to put a dent in those negative thoughts and feelings. 👍

Most men never experienced a rite of passage as most Native Americans had.  I would highly recommend participating in a Native American Sweat or something akin to that.  Perhaps, drumming with other men to feel the positive primal energy.  When having time, write down the thoughts and feelings growing up within the family structure.  Were you listened to, honored,  supported  and encouraged as you tried to learn new endeavors?  Check in with the inner child, discover what your inner child wants for you.   One can also take a workshop or class, on connecting with ones higher self ( who has been with you forever) or  personal spirit guide. 

It is an important time to rediscover both the powerful and gentle sides of ourselves as the new dawn approaches.  There were books I read on what it means to be a man, Fire In The Belly by Sam Keen or Warriors Of The Heart, if still in print, by Damon Perry.  

Lovingly,  ❤️