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So Easy

Hello When I was a young boy my father would often call me stupid.  When I did something akin to a simple mistake I would  also call myself stupid even as an adult.  Once I learned it was not true, I would simply negate that thought or feeling immediately or soon...

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This I Believe

My Spiritual Companion Meher Baba of India often stated, "don't worry be happy."  I once thought how can people become happy when negative patterns are ingrained from the early years?  I eventually learned in order to be happy, without worry, the inner child holds the...

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Men (Male Energy)

What a journey to discover who we are.  So, I put some words and meanings together.  As I wrote in my last article there are women who have predominantly male energy and men who have more female energy.  This has nothing to do with sexual or physical...

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My Constant Companion

 Hello EveryoneAs you know from time to time I have mentioned Meher Baba, of India, by name or photo who I've followed since 1970.  Over the years, Meher Baba, as my constant...

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Spiritually Letting Go

Hello everyone  I would like to share some spiritual insights offering a different perspective of letting go.Most importantly, God is not punishing humanity, it is a necessary journey to eradicate the false in order for a new world order to come forth...

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