Hello everyone

 I would like to share some spiritual insights offering a different perspective of letting go.
Most importantly, God is not punishing humanity, it is a necessary journey to eradicate the false in order for a new world order to come forth encompassing love, truth, and wisdom.  Much of humanity has or currently seeking  material gains for happiness.  Those who cling to religious concepts, often pray in buildings void of love.  Many religious teachers quote from various religious books stating how you are to live your life.  A person can not truly let go if clinging to the husk of mental gymnastics.
I remember watching Pastor Jerry Falwell Sr. on TV preaching the  gospel  according to Jesus.  To me, his voice was not kind or gentle as noted by his tone.  HIs eyes did not show love but power.  I thought how could this person have such a following?  For many, whatever religion one follows, is the true way to God.  God is not separate and found in one religion nor does God need religion to prove He/She is real.   One can not find God through mere intellect alone.  It may open doors of understanding but ultimately one must journey to the heart. ❤️  
How many people do you know seek happiness through material gains?  Many hold onto the false concept of “the more I have the more secure I am.”  Whatever happened to love?  You may have heard this truth, “you can’t take it with you when you die.”  So, why do these people hold onto materialism?  It is part of their journey over numerous lifetimes, till they get it right.
There are people now suffering and scared for a multitude of reasons.  What is the reason for individual suffering?  Some people have the virus and others do not, some are unemployed with mouths to feed.  It maybe ones karma or come to a realization they are more than their sickness or job.  It is a necessary aspect of learning or they would not be experiencing fear or hardship, hence everything happens for a reason.  
Many people are still looking for our President to save the day, hoping for a virus cure, getting another stimulus check, obtaining a good paying job, etc.  What if it does not happen?  What if it all gets worse than what are people going to do?  Become violent, commit suicide, withdraw from life, or just perhaps, will go inward and truly seek their relationship with God.  In so doing will find their purpose and let go of emotional blockages keeping them from their true-selves.  When a person lets go of emotional blockages, that individual begins to trust in life.  When a person begins to trust in life, will come to the conclusion that life and God are not separate but the same. 
Trust along with surrender are the key ingredients to letting go and knowing one is not separate from God and self.   Again, for one to do this, he or she must develop trust.  When one begins to trust, the varying degrees of control will wane, fear will lesson, joy will become part of ones life.  By leting go, he or she will become a magnet helping lift others from worry and anxiety.   And, when a person lets go ultimately Love will follow.  When a person has love that is all that remains.  We are that. 👩‍❤️‍👨

Lovingly, ❤️