The Cause and Release of Anger 

The last email I sent had to do with worry and anxiety.  For many there is always something to worry or feel anxious about.  Worry is based upon wants, uncertainty, change, possibilities of things going wrong.  Anxiety is based upon the fear of being hurt or losing something.  Anxiety always connects to that, nothing else. 

If  the fear of being hurt or loss actually happens that individual will immediately or eventually experience anger.  Hence anger is caused by hurt or loss.  There are many episodes in ones life where an individual has experienced a loss or hurt or both together.  We are not made of stone, all of us have or will experience anger. It’s what we do with those emotions that is important. When you are angry eventually ask yourself when those  feelings subside, “who hurt me or what did I lose?”    

Many men when they are angry do not express their anger right away, especially to a partner. I know in the past when I was angry, I would become overloaded and retreat with my feelings.  As a wise person once stated when a man retreats, “he is retreating to his cave.”  That was true of me. That being said, when those raw feelings began to subside I shared my feelings of anger with my partner.

Have you ever been in a shouting match match with another or witnessed one? Both individuals do not feel they are being heard, hence the raise in octaves. The only way for that energy to change is for one of the individuals to, perhaps, take a deep breath, and just listen.  When that happens the other persons anger will diminish; both individuals can share their hurt or loss knowing they will be heard.

What does one do if they do not like conflict and bury those feelings?  Most likely that individual as a child, was not allowed to express their anger. It could be the parent would get angry at the young child for daring to raise its voice to the adult.  The only way, as I see it, is to let your inner child know it has permission to be angry with you.  When shared through the heart and not the mind, you will begin to move the energy in a positive direction.  There are gentle ways of letting the inner child know its okay to be angry with you without having to drum up feelings of being powerless. 

What does one do if they lost their job?  I am sure that person would not jump for joy.  However, when many lose their place of employment even if they knew it was foretold, anger would be a natural outcome.  Anger, as you may know, is an energy that needs to be released sooner rather than later.  Many state some form of physical activity such as jogging, running, chopping wood, etc. would move the energy.  Doing so can help the individual release those intense emotions.

Share your feelings with a good friend who is a good listener.  I feel women, as a  whole, are much better at sharing their feelings especially with other women than men. If one does not have a friend to confide in, write your feelings down, it will go a long way to releasing anger.  It can even help you understand the reason for your anger.  And, of course, having a glass of wine or two is a good remedy without over doing it.

It is important to try and understand why you attracted  a situation which caused you to be angry. What was I supposed to learn from this?  As already mentioned, confide in a close friend who can help you understand the lesson.  If there is no one to confide in, I would suggest having a reading with an intuitive or psychic.  Perhaps a friends  recommendation?  If there is no one he or she can recommend check websites in your area to find someone who has excellent credentials.

I remember living in a community hearing a neighbor raise his voice to his children and relatives more than once.  I am assuming this type of individual had multiple past or present issues.  Hopefully a loved one can help this person get the help he needs.  If the anger continues over a long period of time it could lend itself to physical hardships.  

When I was in India, I met my teachers disciples who were followers of Meher Baba.   They also would become angry, at times, with another disciple but after letting those feelings out would quickly let go.  I had questioned how they could easily let go of anger?  It was their love for Meher Baba and humanity which provided them the means of not holding onto that emotion.


Lovingly ❤️