The Journey 

This is a story about my personal journey to uncover my true-self. 

Many of my male Armenian friends, who lived in and around New York City, were dating or marrying Armenian women. For some reason, I did not follow the same path. I suppose it was to get me to this place and time. I moved out of my family’s dwelling at 25 and lived on my own on 86th St. and later in Greenwich Village, both in the heart of New York City.

Since many people were trying marijuana in those days, I also wanted to try it. Not just to get high, but to open doors of perception. After about two years experimenting with various drugs, I realized drugs in themselves could not provide the clarity I needed to understand the world. I had so many questions— are there past lifetimes? What, or who, is God? What are Heaven and Hell? Questions, questions, questions! My Christian upbringing did not provide the answers I sought. I tried Transcendental Meditation, Hinduism, and Buddhism, among others. No theology seemed to unravel the questions I faced.

I remember walking down the street in Greenwich Village in October of 1970. Someone handed me the Greenwich Village Newspaper. I opened it up to a page with a photo of Meher Baba stating “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” Hmm, I thought. I should check him out. Soon after, I went to a Meher Baba gathering in the Village. I vividly remember the joy and comfort of knowing I was home.

At the gathering, I ran across a book written many years ago by Meher Baba himself entitled God Speaks. I was filled with hope that the book would answer my questions, and had to read it, and it did! Meher Baba wrote about how creation started based on his journey of discovering himself, and eventually spiritually transforming into an Avatar— God in human form!

Baba also wrote that prior to being human, beings go through an evolution. Then, as humans, we will be reincarnated several times, which is involution of the subtle spheres experiencing ourselves as pure energy. After experiencing the subtle spheres, we inhabit the mental spheres with ability to read others’ minds and see God face to face. How wonderful, I thought, having Meher Baba answer all my questions.

In 1971, I heard a voice that seemed outside my own thought process. It said, “you’re leaving New York.”  Traveling with a couple of friends, I eventually landed in San Francisco.  After San Francisco, I lived in Myrtle Beach, SC, Los Angeles, CA, Albuquerque, NM and Seattle, WA. What a journey! I felt I must have been a Beduin or gypsy to move so many times. Each place represents a different learning or lesson in my life, and I am grateful for all of them.

It was beautiful having a teacher who allowed me to be curious about different aspects of life. I learned not only about source, but myself as well. After my wife and I separated, I realized I needed a better understanding of what it means to be a man. This realization led me to several metaphysical stores in Seattle in search of a Shaman of the Native American tradition. Eventually, I was led to a Shaman who taught me many things, especially about power.

The Shaman took me into the mountains, where I did a Native American Sweat, during which a crow appeared. I asked the crow what lesson it had for me. It said to “turn your heart inside out,” meaning I needed to further uncover who I am at the deepest level. I ultimately left the Shaman because of his need for control, and what I felt he admired.

During one particularly memorable meditation session, Meher Baba told me to do psychic fairs. I was skeptical at first, but an order is an order. I went to a metaphysical store in Seattle and requested to be a reader at their next fair, and they agreed. After my first reading, I was drawn to do many more readings and workshops. My experience since has included helping individuals meet their spirit guides, attaining love knowing their true-self, and past life regressions.

Clients often ask me to explain the true-self. The true-self is one that does not play the victim game. He or she is not concerned with being liked, accepted, or affirmed. This individual trusts source and is on a quest to rediscover love, truth, and wisdom. The parts of us that hold the key to these truths are the higher self and the inner child. Both of these are the embodiment of source. The higher-self is the part of us that loves who we are and does not judge us. The inner child is playful, curious, innocent, and   intuitive. Yes, what a gift we are.

On to Montana! When I lived in Montana, I became involved in many psychic fairs and workshops helping people know their guides. Participants often asked how to meet their personal spirit guide. The answer is they must relax so the mind slows down. When that is achieved, it is easier to align with your guide’s energy. One day, my personal guide told me I must be own my own using my intuitive abilities to help people. I am now here, using my transformational intuitive abilities to help people attain truth, love and wisdom. That is me in a nutshell.

I wish you love on your continued journey.