My Spiritual Companion Meher Baba of India often stated, “don’t worry be happy.”  I once thought how can people become happy when negative patterns are ingrained from the early years?  I eventually learned in order to be happy, without worry, the inner child holds the key.   After all the child encompasses love, empowerment, and knowingness.   All one needs to do is to gently reconnect that which was never lost. 💖 

In relationships conflict with another can provide an opportunity to gain insight into what needs to be healed.  The more an individual is stuck in some old identity, the more ones partner, co-worker, or friend will mirror what needs to be uncovered.  It is interesting how many attract a partner that was like their mother or father.  In the case of intimate relationships, after the honeymoon period diminishes the shadow (false-self) will be illuminated by ones partner.  Hence, the combination of courage, love, and tenderness becomes essential.    

There are three reasons why people communicate their false-self to others.  The need to be liked, accepted, or affirmed.  Once the veil of the false-self is lifted, one will rise above those needs.  That being said, one can then provide compassion and understanding without laying claim to outcomes.  This was hit home on my journey to India where I learned this profound lesson.  In past experiences, I was both admired and faulted.  It was easy to be admired but to be disapproved of was quite difficult.  When a couple of individuals made derogatory comments about me, I immediately went to Meher Baba’s tomb.  I felt the pain of those words.  After some duress, he inwardly stated that I needed to rise above praise and blame.  This gift eventually taught me to be detached without indifference.  Taking this one step further, to be detached from all outcomes. ✌️ As difficult as it maybe, we as a planet are put on notice to release the false-self.  As a Transformational Intui

tive, when people are holding on to their stuff I ask would ask “what has it done for you?”  The answer is often nothing.  If a person is holding onto the false, it keeps that person safe because its familiar.  Everyone has the opportunity to abide in God’s safety.  Know this fact, one never dies, life is a continuum. I wish you all well to uncover who you really are during these unsettling times. 

Lovingly, ❤️