We Are All More Than This Virus


In my last email I mentioned a Crow showing up or soon after a Native American Sweat. Following such a profound experience Crows would follow me, especially walking Green Lake in Seattle, WA. During those splendid times, I would have have wonderful interactions via both verbal and otherwise. The Crow according to Native Americans is my “Power Animal. Within the same week or so, my teacher, Meher Baba, of India, told to do psychic fairs. From that point on I would see and communicate with spirit guides when offering individual or group readings. The guides came in many diverse human forms. However, every once in a while they would appear as light beings but mostly human energy.

One day as I was leaving my apartment, I heard and saw many Crows upon a telephone line. Then, I heard a large pop and one Crow fell off the wire and died. The other Crows started making loud cawing noises. A neighbor was about use a shovel and put into the garbage. I mentioned that I would pick it up and bury the Crow in the ground. As soon as I buried the Crow the cawing stopped. You may wonder what that meant? The answer is we are connected to all living things, no species is separate from us and should be treated with respect.

I fondly remember participating in a psychic fair in Missoula, MT where people would come by to find out who their guides were. One showed up shaped like an egg with black shorts and suspenders. This women’s guide was on top of a wall moving gently back and forth without falling. The guide told to tell her “your guide is teaching you balance.”😯 I also remember presenting a spirit guide workshop where both mother and daughter received the same guide telling them how to reconnect.

,At that time I was aligned with Native American energy , hence my guides were always Native American both female and male. When I learned what I needed to learn from the Native American energy the guides would no longer present themselves as such.. As mentioned, my teacher, Meher Baba would never change when I needed to ask a question or be with him in silence. That being said, I was very curious about that world of guides, hence as I changed the guides would change, i.e., Angels, Egyptian, early American, spiritual, et al.

You maybe wondering how one connects with spirit guides, where do they come from and so on. The key to obtaining a spirit guide is to have your thoughts be less active. For that to happen, one needs to do relaxing techniques via meditation or self-hypnosis. When the thoughts become less active you become more energetically in tune with your guides energy.

Most guides inhabit the Astral World or one of the other energy planes. When a person dies, they drop their physical body like a cloak and then have an ethereal or astral body unlike our dense physical bodies. You may attract a relative, a past life partner, Angels who inhabit different dimensions, a Native American power animal and so on. Again, your guide is in harmony with your energy, hence that is the guide you will attract. One of the beautiful aspects of having guide, when you ask “what do I need from you (the guide) in the form of a gift placed in my hands?” Many surprises come fourth such as your purpose and gifts. So much love comes from those realms.

Sometimes a person will have doubts if they truly met their guide thinking it was imagination. What I share with participants in spirit guide workshops or individual readings is to check their feelings. How was the flow, were you relaxed or did your thoughts keep interrupting the process.?

There are many guides who are mischievous in nature and do not always have the best intentions for you. When I offer a workshop on having people meet their guides the main ingredient is love. If they are mischievous, they will leave until the one that is in harmony with you comes forth.

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