Worry and Anxiety: Part 2


I thought  it best to send this again because of the tumultuous times we are now in.  It is truly important to have an understanding of the causes of worry, anxiety, and anger and what if any part you may play.

For many there is always something to worry or feel anxious about,  i.e., family, work, relationships, health,  etc. Worry is based upon wants, uncertainty, change, possibilities of things going wrong.  It is experienced in relation to the future when the future is expected to be disagreeable in some way.  Worry seeks to justify itself as a necessary part as an  attempt to prepare for coping with the anticipated situation.  Anxiety the first  cousin of worry is based upon the fear of being hurt or losing something.  Anxiety always connects to that, nothing else.

First, one must know that one is actually worried or  anxious.  The physical body can give a clue to being worried or anxious.   Many feel anxiety or worry in their stomach, heart , or shoulders.  When a person knows they are worried or anxious the first thing to ask, what am I worried or anxious about?

You can do this by slowing down the mind, checking in with your body and paying attention to what you are feeling.  With regards to another individual, take a risk to feel the hurt or pain.  Express your feelings to that person.  If is difficult, ask yourself the reason.  Could it be, it would start an argument , he/she would give me the silent treatment, or that individual might say something like “you are too sensitive” and not take any responsibility to how you feel.

Writing down what you feel can help you become objective.  Exercise (moving the energy) will help release the worry or anxiety, at least temporarily. Learn how to to relax using simple breathing techniques such as yoga or self hypnosis. Once you are relaxed visualize or feel a tranquil place.  It is best to do that where you will not be interrupted by someone or  hear loud noises outside.

The hardest  question is to ask oneself is why I attracted this situation?  If one  continues to attract the same set of circumstances over and over again, you have to pay attention and ask the reason?  If you do not grasp the lesson that particular energy will continue to attract the same situation.  Once you understand the lesson, you can begin to shift the energy by releasing those emotions and situations that have a hold on you.

It is important to know that you attract both good and bad situations to yourself.  I have met people who feel when bad things happen God/Spirit is punishing them.  Everything that happens in your life is to help you on your journey to uncover love, truth, and wisdom.