The Observer

A powerful way to begin obtaining self-love and trust in Spirit is paying attention to similar or reoccurring energy you draw to yourself. For example, I had a client who stated people keep telling me I am loving.  “I asked why do you think people say that to you?”  She did not know the reason; I mentioned that you do not believe that in yourself. Again, If you keep attracting the same situation several times, good or bad, it would behoove you to ask yourself the reason; what am I supposed to learn by attracting this energy?  Once you understand the reason, you will experience an energy shift.



Author: Robert Zakian

I have been follower of Meher Baba since 1970 and have traveled to India to visit his disciples. I have also studied with Shaman of the Native American tradition and a wondrous empath. Also received a certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy and a couneling certification from U..C.L.A. Since 1999 I have provided Intuitive sessions and taught workshops on personally Meeting Your Spirit guide, Conflict Resolution, Men, Women and Relationships.

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