Understanding Anxiety and Worry

I Hope this helps you understand both anxiety and worry and the difference.  Please feel free to text or call me if you have any questions.


Whenever you feel anxious, the cause is associated with the fear of being hurt or losing something. For example, the inability to control an outcome, the anticipation of causing another discomfort, the unknown cost of auto repairs, hospitalizations, as well as other disquieting situations,

    Your physical body will offer clues to anxiety; most people feel anxious in their stomachs, but some feel it in their hearts. Other signals related to anxiety, excessive exercise, restlessness, drinking more than usual alcohol, or changing sleep patterns.

What behaviors do you exhibit when anxious?

Where do you feel anxiety in your body?


Worry is experience concerning the future when this future is experienced to be disagreeable in some way. In this case, worry seeks to justify itself as a necessary part of the attempt to prepare for coping with the anticipated situations. But things can never be helped merely by worrying. Worry is the product of feverish imagination working under the stimulus of desires.

What do you worry about? Do you believe things will turn out negative versus pos


Author: Robert Zakian

I have been follower of Meher Baba since 1970 and have traveled to India to visit his disciples. I have also studied with Shaman of the Native American tradition and a wondrous empath. Also received a certificate in Advanced Hypnotherapy and a couneling certification from U..C.L.A. Since 1999 I have provided Intuitive sessions and taught workshops on personally Meeting Your Spirit guide, Conflict Resolution, Men, Women and Relationships.

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